The commandments of Amparo Díaz-Llairó

There are two drivers of change in the future of the labor market. The first is the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), which is changing talent search methods in recruitment processes. The topic of Big Data will be one of the challenges for companies, which is why professions related to data analysis and management will emerge. The second engine is globalization. Today, more than 80% of the offers require English. German is the second most demanded language.
Develop your professional career around four axes:
1. The personal brand: you have to establish an internet strategy that incorporates a suitable image design to attract recruiters. LinkedIn is the social network par excellence.
2. Cross-cutting competences, responsibility, motivation, flexibility, learning capacity and customer orientation and results.
3. Pareto 20/80 principle: 20% of an action will produce 80% of the effects, while the remaining 80% will only produce 20% of the effects. Be efficient.
4. The 10,000 hour rule: To achieve maximum performance, the equivalent of about three hours of practice per day for ten years is required.
5. The most popular profiles? Sales and marketing of the ICT sector, engineers and financial profiles.

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